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Trims on the 2019 Dodge Challenger

April 10th, 2019 by

Trims on the 2019 Dodge Challenger Do you have the Need for speed and exceptional control? Well the Dodge Challenger might just be the high powered vehicle for you. Dodge offers plenty of options to choose from, and we understand, trim level is a super important decision. New Features Include: The limited-edition SRT Demon and…

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Buying a New Car in Michigan? Choose Champion Automotive Group

March 25th, 2019 by
2014 Jeep Cherokee Models

Buying a new car is probably one of the bigger decisions you’ll make this year, but if you go with a good dealership and choose a car that fits your needs and desires then it could also be one of the best ones, too. Champion Automotive Group has a range of dealerships from a variety…

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2019 Jeep Wrangler vs. 2019 Toyota 4Runner

March 13th, 2019 by

 The all-new 2019 Jeep Wrangler is taller and longer than ever before and has more ground clearance than the new 2019 Toyota 4Runner. Additionally, the all-new 2019 Wrangler JL is the most fuel-efficient Wrangler ever built and boasts the most advanced technologic advances ever offered.    As a matter of fact, the new 2019 Wrangler gets an EPA 25 mpg highway. That’s better fuel economy than the Toyota…

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The Benefits of a Tire Rotation – Cueter CJDR

March 13th, 2019 by

Tire Rotations are Essential If you want to get the most out of your tires, having them rotated regularly is a necessary step. At Cueter Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, we want to make certain that you understand just how vital proper tire rotation is for extending the lifetime of your tires. There are number of…

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Why Buy a 2019 Ram Truck

February 27th, 2019 by

WHY BUY A 2019 RAM 1500 Why Buy a 2019 Ram 1500?  The Ram 1500 is the most thoughtfully executed full size pickup in existence and when it comes to Drive-ability & Cabin Interior, the Ram 1500 is only  rivaled by Mercedes Benz.  I mean, how many trucks win awards for interior design? Not many, but Ram does….

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February 21st, 2019 by

We all know what a flat tire looks like, and I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s absolutely the last thing you want to see on a cold winter’s morning. And although it’s important to visually inspect your tires regularly, did you know that your tire can lose air pressure without you even noticing? Well, it’s…

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2020 Jeep Gladiator Release Date

February 13th, 2019 by

JEEP GLADIATOR RELEASE DATE: APRIL 4th 2019 We have all been waiting patiently for the Jeep Gladiator Release date.  The 2020 Jeep Gladiator will finally available in Dealerships and will be ready to order  April 4th 2019 at 12:01am.   Truck and Jeep enthusiasts should act fast because there seems to be a lot of hype and demand…

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How To Use Your Tax Return To Buy A New Car

January 11th, 2019 by

Tax season is a wonderful time of year!  Weather you are in the market for a New or Used Vehicle, you are most likely like most Americans who will be using your tax returns for something Vehicle related.  If you were like me, ready, waiting and excited to start looking for cars,  but not quite…

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Dodge Durango vs. Toyota Highlander | Cueter CJDR

December 31st, 2018 by

The new Dodge Durango available at Cueter Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram comes in six fantastic trim models: SXT, SXT Plus, GT, Citadel, R/T, and SRT. If we’re keeping score—and we are—that’s one trim level better than the Toyota Highlander. (The Highlander is available in LE, LE Plus, XLE, SE, and Limited trim levels.) But going…

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Jeep Wrangler JK vs JL – The Obvious and Not so – Obvious Differences.

November 20th, 2018 by

  Weather you are an off roading extraordinaire, or just love the thought of hitting the open road of adventure while having endless options, You may have considered the obvious Choice of a Jeep Wrangler. The Jeep Wrangler is the most iconic Off-roading vehicle in the United States.  Along with being one of the most…

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