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There is not doubt that Jeep Wranglers are one of the most capable off road vehicles on the market. However for most of us, using all of the Jeep Wranglers features is not second nature, which left me questioning how or when to use the 4L feature. Turns out these options end up being pretty handy in sticky or super fun situations.

4L, 4H, and 2H are transfer case settings. The transfer case is the machine that gets power from the transmission system and is responsible for distributing this power to the vehicle’s axles. 4L means “low range”. Simply put, the 4L setting is used if you need to creep along in slow speed. This specific setting doesn’t provide a lot of traction to the vehicle, but more than twice the torque. This position is used for when you need maximum traction and maximum power at slower speeds such as rocky surfaces, deep mud or snow, steep or sharp inclines/declines, etc. Your front and rear wheels are driven in low range using a lower gear ratio, which results in slower road speed and higher torque. This provides your vehicle with better engine braking and allows for easier control.

If and when you need maximum traction and you need to move into 4 Lo,

  • slow your vehicle down to 2-3 mph. With your Jeep still rolling,
  • shift into neutral and slowly
  • firmly pull the lever all the way back.
  • Put your Jeep back into gear and you’re good to go.

Jeep Wranglers are one of the last vehicles to have a shiftier transfer case as opposed to the turn dial.

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